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Article I
The Residence Hall Association

Article II
The Legislative Branch of RHA

Article III
The Executive Branch of RHA

Article IV
General Voting Procedures

Article V
Resignation, Impeachment, and Removal of Executive Board and General Assembly Representatives
; Ratification of, Enforcement of, and Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

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The Constitution of the Residence Hall Association

The Constitution, along with the Bylaws, govern the structure of the Residence Hall Association of Missouri State University. Arranged into five articles, plus a preamble, the Constitution provides the framework for the organization, establishing positions, procedure, and responsibilities of RHA.

Preamble - This introductory statement declares that the Residence Hall Association exists and abides to the rules and regulations of Missouri State University, the laws of the state of Missouri, and the laws of the United States of America.

Article I - The first article states the name and purpose of the organization, along with membership requirements, a non-discrimination policy, and its association with regional and national organizations.

Article II - The second article establishes the General Assembly, placing limits on representation from residence halls, allocating funds to other organizations such as NRHH and UCRA, presenting requirements for General Assembly membership, directing selection, terms, powers, and duties of the General Assembly, and giving instruction about the meetings and removal of General Assembly members.

Article III - The third article creates the seven Executive Board positions: Administrative Aide, Hall and University Enrichment Coordinator, National Communications Coordinator, Internal Communications Coordinator, Leadership Development Coordinator, Programming Communications Coordinator, and President, and establishes the powers, duties, requirements, election procedures, and removal procedures of each. It also constructs meeting requirements and committees for the Executive Board, as well as discussing the power and duties of the RHA Advisor.

Article IV - The fourth article describes the way that General Assembly representatives vote during meetings.

Article V - The fifth article contains the procedures to remove Executive Board and General Assembly representatives, as well as the ratification of, enforcement of, and amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws.

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