Executive Board


The President represents the Residence Hall Association at all required functions. The President also prepares the agenda for and presides over all Executive Board and General Assembly meetings and coordinates guest speakers. The President acts as a liaison between students and departmental administration, with the recommendation of one meeting per month. The President completes all regional and national duties required of the position by NACURH Inc.

National Communications Coordinator (NCC)

The NCC shall organize delegations for all state, regional, and national conferences. The NCC also communicates with other NCCs on a regional and national level. The NCC maintains affiliation and must serve as the Missouri State University voting Representative in all NCC business matters of MACURH and NACURH Inc. The NCC also facilitates and oversees RHA task forces.

Engagement Coordinator (EC)

The EC coordinates RHA’s marketing and public relations. The EC is required to manage marketing displays to promote RHA in designated locations around campus. The EC also plans General Assembly meetings by preparing slideshows, setting themes, and taking minutes. The EC photographs RHA programs and updates social media accordingly.

Leadership Development Coordinator (LDC)

The LDC is responsible for recognizing and developing leaders by coordinating training and leadership opportunities for hall councils and other student leaders on campus. The LDC supports departmental recognition efforts and implements recognition events. The LDC also regulates voting rights and maintains the placards or General Assembly members.

Programming Coordinator (PC)

The PC plans, organizes, and implements programs. The PC is also in charge of keeping reports and records of all RHA programs. The PC completes all regional and national duties required of the position by NACURH Inc.

Advocacy & Service Coordinator (ASC) - *New for the 2019 - 2020 academic year

The ASC advocates for resident needs by influencing policy change and improvements in the residence halls. The ASC coordinates service and philanthropy opportunities that connect RHA to larger campus, community and societal issues.